Punch Television Studios New Intial Public OfferingWas The $1.00 PER SHARE TRUE?

Los Angeles, CA: Punch TV Studios, an unbelievable network and cable TV studios authorized with the United states Securities and Exchange Commission to offer up shares in the corporation at $1 every share. This one-of-a-kind investment decisionopportunity allowed the general public to put money in in an magnificent multimedia business entity with notable growth potential. This company was seeking to participate while making it available to the the public.

Which includes an Initial public offering of fifty million shares of stock at only one dollar for each share, speculators were able to obtain stock directly from the business. Shareholders have the ability to become part owners in Punch Television Studios, and join in the pleasure to be able to keep track of their market.

Punch TV Studios, investor source has already made check here it possible for the business to kick off 7 stations across the country reaching over 26 million homes, as well as stations in Los Angeles Ohio, Pensacola & Jacksonville Florida, Houston & Beaumont TX. The network has actually been able to productively introduction on most important cable networks broadcasting on Frontier more info Communications, DirecTV, AT&T, Charter Spectrum, Fios by Verizon and Dish Network.

This company's to begin broadcasting in Southern California more info is expected to produces over twenty-four million dollars in annual funds alone. The company may well earn over $1.3 billion dollars in wages yearly and is setting a portion of the great deal grown from the stock providing to make over 300 feature films and television programs across a wide range of genres and your market.

Most recently Punch TV was able to invest a one million dollar into Punch Animations stock symbol URBT). These types of campaigns will authorize new script writers to bring their plans to finish and build jobs and economic well being in the group where the movie pictures are completed.

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